tenshin ryu,iaido,iaijutsu,swordsmanship,yodokan,mike selvey,otani,tomio,martial arts This site has been designed by Martial Artists for all Martial artists. The purpose of this website is to inform primarily students of Tenshin Ryu swordsmanship of forthcoming sword events and gradings and to be a reference for this style of swordsmanship but it is also envisaged that this site will grow to become a valuable source of information for all students of martial arts and to incorporate links to other styles of swordsmanship. The Tsunami Yodokan Dojo is the home of Tenshin Ryu Iaido and Iaijutsu and is located in the Shirley Comunity centre, Shirley, Croydon. The club is run by Sensei Mike Selvey 6th Dan Kyoshi. Classes take place every tuesday evening from 7.30 to 9.30. A new club is opening in the new year in Maidstone Kent. Tenshin Ryu club website for students of Iaido and Iaijutsu. Chief Instructor Mike Selvey 6th Dan Kyoshi

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Updated 27th April 2014