The journey of 1000 steps begins with just one.

Tsunami Yodokan

Head Instructor Shihan Mike Selvey 6th Dan Kyoshi

Kyushin Yodokan

Instructor Geoff Murray 5th Dan Renshi.

Tengu Yodokan

Instructor Richard Jones 4th Dan

Kikiyu Yodokan

Instructor Andrzej Barszcz 2nd Dan Doshi


Galleries of past Martial Arts events attended by Tenshin Ryu students


The pride and satisfaction from gaining a grade cannot be measured. It is an award for all the hard work, discipline and commitment shown

Tenshin Ryu has 6 Kyu grades before Shodan (Black Belt). The Black belt system has a maximum of 10. It is considered that 5th dan and above to be master grades.
Obtaining a Black belt does not mean that any expertise has been gained, only that you have reached a sufficient level for the real training to begin.

Be determined in your resolve to achieve more. Practice, practice, practice. Become familiar with your grading syllabus, dojo etiquette, Kamiza etiquette and be able to demonstrate how to look after an Iaito (Katana) and name all parts of the Iaito

The Seven Virtues of Bushido
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Mike Selvey

Chief Instructor

Training since 1972, Awarded Title of Shihan by DNBK Kyoto Japan. Currently 6th Dan Kyoshi - Teaches Iaido, Iaijutsu and Yodokan Budo. Received awards for Leadership

Geoff Murray


Training since 1989, Currently 5th Dan Renshi awarded by DNBK Kyoto Japan. Teaches Iaido and Iaijutsu.

Richard Jones


Training since 1995, Currently 4th Dan Doshi Teaches iaido,iaijutsu,kenjutsu and taijutsu

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